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Is he still intrested in me or not?

Published on July 16, 2013 by linacarisa8

hey guys. I really hope you can help me with my love puzzle. so theres this guy. ive known him for a couple of mnths. we study in.the same school. he's never actuaply approached me or anything like that. I guess cause he was shy. but recently for the past few weeks, he's been chatting with me on facebook every night. the convo usually lasts for almost 2 to 3hrs. I knew he was up to something so i showed him intrest too. then just last week he asked me out on a movie. I dont know if it was a date or just friendship. well the outing went pretty well. he was extremely sweet to me and everything. bought the tickets and pizza for me. but after that, he didnt call me back. not even on facebook. its been a week now. i really like him but im wondering if maybe he wants me to message him? or should i just move on?


He might be using the antiquated “make her wait” rule, maybe even out of nervousness. If the date went well, and he’s expressed so much interest in you, I’d say go ahead and contact him. If he doesn't seem interested when you talk to him, then you’ll have your answer, but at least you’ll know. It’s possible that he’s just shy, as you mentioned, and doesn't know where to take it from here.