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Is he starting to like me, has he liked me all along, or am I just in over my head?

Published on June 25, 2013 by tripplet18

Ok, so this is going to be quite a long story, so please bare with me. Ok so first off, I had started liking this guy back in late September of this year. I didn't really know if I liked him or not because I was still trying to get over a harsh break up that I went through that was forced by my mother and that forbidened me to do the things that I could do even if I WAS grounded. But, in mid-October on a field trip with our group that we were both in, I had figured out that I liked him like that and I was very ashamed with it at first because I had thought that people were going to judge me because I liked a guy two years younger than me. Anyways, I was able to keep it a secret from him for a while, but then one of his friends told him and he (the guy that I like) had asked me if I did like him or not. The honest person that I am, I told him the truth and we ended up talking about it. He told me that I was wonderful but he just wasn't ready for a relationship at the moment, so I decided to wait. From what I thought was signs that he was showing me, I had asked him through a note to just give me a chance and to please not break my heart. Then through message (again) he told me that he had only liked me as a friend and that it wasn't that he wasn't ready for a relationship, it was just that he wasn't looking for one with me. So, that left me completely heart broken and depressed through out the holidays. We kept talking like usual; we told each other secrets that we wouldn't normally tell people that we were just getting to know in the first couple of months, and laughed and joked around with each other like we did before the holidays came around. Then, after that, my best friend had gotten involved and he had gotten a little upset, and I called her and got mad at her for getting involved. Then, it happened again, and this time him and I had a BIG fight (well,he never called it fighting) about it and ended off on a bad note. Apparently, durring the weekend before the March break when we started fighting, he saw me walking with my best friend and I was crying and he felt bad about it. Durring the week of March break, he had gotten back together with his ex girlfriend. We hadn't talked in like three months and we just started talking again. Lately, he's been acting very friendly. He's called me sweet names like lovely, amazing, and incredible. He had also written in my yearbook saying that I was amazing and incredible and that he would see me around. Then, when I went to give him a hug on the last day of school, he said sure and we both hugged each other (of course my friends were teasing me about it) when we let go of each other's grasp, we both had a big smile on our faces and our faces went red. I haven't spoken to him in a few days and today just recently, he had commented on one of my stauses (which he NEVER EVER used to do) and congratualted me on my graduation and told me have an awesome summer and that he'd see me around. Like, we don't talk as much online anymore but that's because he's busy with other things and I honestly think he's a little scared to as well, I just don't know why. So, my question is; is he starting to like me? Has he liked me all along? Or am I just in over my head? Please answer ASAP, thanks! :)