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is he serious about me?

Published on April 12, 2013 by evelyns

i pursue a guy weeks ago and i confessed to him. he said he can start a relationship with me but he makes me to make a choice if i want to be with him as we will be in a long distance relationship in a month time. when I about to tell him the decision he said he said i looked unsure about my decision and give myself some time to think about it. so i assumed that we are not in a relationship yet but we are kinda trying if that works. He never initiates texting, calling or even a date. when i need someone to have emotional attached on, he pushed me away. he said i'm too dependent on him. n i feel like he's not curious in me. i did talk to him about this and he said he's curious that's why he kept asking me questions. i somehow feel like that's not enough. and today, he kissed me on my lips, neck and my ear. I can feel that he wants to have sex with me but i dont want it to happen before we get into a relationship for real. the problem I'm having now is I am not sure if he's serious with me or he just wants to get in my pants. if he's serious on this relationship, why does him seem like he doesn't really care about me? What do you think?


We men have one track minds and we are always frisky for sex. Its typical of a guys, so as long as he has a pulse he is going to be trying to initiate passion especially during a kiss or this type of stimulation, so please don't condemn him and make yourself appear like that's all he wants from you. He has asked you to , (if I am correct) if you think you can handle a long distance "SITUATION", you in-turn want to play WORD GAMES and want him to define it by saying the word "COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP" and to be quite honest I don't know of many men in this day and age except for ones having an association with a virgin that would get themselves commit to a long distant relationship without have had sex to officiate/stamp approval the union to be girlfriend and boyfriend. I personally feel you have the right to feel like you have a commitment, but considering its a long distance relationship and the probability that people grow apart during the time away if the relationship is not stronger from the start, you will have NO ASSURANCE that either of you will not stray. You want assurance and common sense and experience of others in that situation will tell you what your asking for is elusive at best. Please don't confuse this with me saying I think the guy is a jerk, he's a player, or he only wants sex... That is not what I am implying. This guy is human, he was direct, concerned with you accepting his predicament and considerate to broach the conversation to see if your in it for the long haul. He in this respect is a decent guy who cared enough to put it on the table. That is a separate issue concerning "Commitments" and a separate issue concerning a "Romance long distant". Please don't confuse the passionate kissing and his appetite for sexual intimacy because that doesn't make a person negative or bad. You should just do your research on long distance relationships and to be honest, most people drift away and find others and that include women cheating and finding a man who can appease their loneliness. So you should stop trying to label him and boxing him in like he only wants one thing, because even if he had sex with you or another female it doesn't mean either of you will be faithful and/or still waiting for him when or if he comes back. Its a 50/50 scenario- humans have a "out of sight out of mind " mentality and people grow apart. You didn't say how long the extended time apart would be or how temporary it is, but nonetheless, no one can assure you and give you a guarantee that you or he will be faithful during time apart