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Is he really interessted...?

Published on January 18, 2014 by elisabeth

Hello dear.

In December a met a man (39) he is divorced since about 1 year, has 2 children (girls 6,11).. Now. we met at a club, and had 3 dates.. The first kiss was on the 2nd date...he never talk about sex with me, neather told me that he is looking for a girlfriend..anytime after we dated, he writed that it was beautiful and funny... The thing is that a wanted to see him on 31.12. for holidays..on that day I wrote him an sms, to see where he is...he responced: was on ski-holidays.. I was so disappointed, because I wanted to see him, eventhrough we did fix something..he told me, we need to go out again for a drink...and I wrote lets! He: Bye!! and after that only happy new year! and than never again for 14 days... I was so angry, that I ereased his phone nr...but on this 14 days I was thinking to much about him, and the I went to his house and leave an envelope with a CD (artist we both like) and a note; Hi my celphone was damaged and I lost some contacts...It will be great to know about you.

So, he wrote sms: Hi xxx. thanks alot for the cd. Yes we definitively need to meet once again and do something.. Me; sure He: lets see nex weekend (means like in 9 days)...I promissed you a cook a cake for you and you a dinner for me... Me: yes, I remember..Ok that's good.

Now: the point, he doens't writes...that was 3 days ago..he never writes to say hello, what are u doing..or a want to see you..and I dont' want to be the first who I'm afraid..of want he really wants or means with me.. I don't know if this is called I always though, when a man is interessend he should al least ever 2nd day or so.. What do you suggest me? I'm confused...

Thanks alot for your response Eva