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Is he only interested in sex?

Published on July 11, 2013 by roy_rishika

I know a guy, he has been my friend for a long time. And since a few months both of us have been very attracted to each other. He says its a REALLY big infatuation for him, but has not/may not grow into something more, like love etc. He is physically attracted to me, and wants to have sexual endevours with me (non-penetrative). I'm not THAT emotionally attached to him, and neither is he to me. But we care about each other as friends, like when we are upset or in trouble. And i don't know whether this experience will make us more emotionally attached later or not. This will probably just be a casual fling, or a one time for him. But it may not be for me, because i want to be more emotionally attached to him, but he is not even trying, because he says he can't control himself. Should i go ahead with this?


From my experience, it is definitely dangerous territory to put your emotional self on the line for someone who probably won't treat it with respect. It is ALWAYS a risk to put yourself out there, but I tend to be extra-cautious when the chances of getting hurt are great.

If it were me, I'd try to maintain the friendship and avoid the physical fling. That doesn't mean you can't revisit the option later, if his feelings change.