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Is he my soulmate? Or it's just a coincidence?

Published on April 21, 2014 by destiny_99

There is a guy that I keep on seeing for like 3 times already but in different places. And everytime we meet, we constantly stare at each other for like 5 seconds! But we don't have a chance to talk. Our first meeting (convenience store) was a year ago, our second meeting (mall) happened this year and our third meeting(road) was just after 6 days of our second meeting! And now I can't stop thinking about him! Is he my soulmate or it's just a coincidence? or I'm just crazy? Help pls


What an exciting experience, to continue to cross paths with this man with the mutual eye-gazing!

Rest assured that you are not crazy. In my experience, there is a reason when we repeatedly see/meet/bump into the same person. However, what the reason is remains to be seen.

A friend of mine 'bumped' into an old friend of his three times over a series of years, and at the last meeting they decided to explore what they might create together, since they kept crossing paths: They are now business partners.

I have had 'lightning strike' moments with a few men (not my current husband, interestingly) - in each case they were not my soul-mate, but we did have important learning/experiences to explore together. These connections may not always be easy or pretty - and they can be important in moving us closer to what we really want and why we are here.

I would advise feeling all your feelings, exploring your connection to this man and keeping an open attitude about what he/it means.

Cara Cordoni, YourTango Expert