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Is he my boyfriend?

Published on June 23, 2013 by sassyhk

I've been dating this guy, although most of the relationship has been long distance. He has just managed to get a secondment to be with me in 4 months, although the job opportunity would also be good career move for him too.

I asked him about our status twice now but I guess what I really wanted to know was our label. I got the same comclusion..We established we are exclusive (we would both say we are unavailable) and he reminded me is moving halfway across the world to be with me. However, I can't seem to get the relationship label still. I don't know if he is assuming we are boyfriend/girlfriend, or if his actions mean I shouldn't be hung up on labels, or if he actually doesn't see us as bf/gf which is why he hasn't ever mentioned it.

I get asked if I have a bf quite often and I feel inclined to say 'no, but I'm seeing someone'.. but I do wonder if I am supposed to be answering 'yes', or something else.


It sounds like you two have discussed this in the past, but not deeply enough. Just be frank with him. Tell him that you know you’ve talked about it before, but you’re hung up on the label issue, and you just want to know where you stand before he makes this major change in his life. You’re entitled to feel secure in your relationship. Be honest and confident when you speak to him.