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Is he like the rest or I'm just naive?

Published on July 21, 2013 by pamelaloves

Hey guys I hope you can all help with this problem I've been contemplating on , well I went to highschool with this guy I'm 19 and he's 21 we never really socialized in high school but a month ago I saw him at a party we hit it off & exchanged numbers ever since then we've been texting and talking but heres the problem in the beginning it was great he would take me out with him & his friends & I got along with all of them too and now recently I feel like I always have to be texting him or he wont till like 5 in the afternoon & I always have to be like lets hangout or lets do this and that and he'll say hes working which is true cause he works during the week but when the weekend comes he doesn't acknowledge to see me but he can go out and drink and go places and not invite me? Maybe it's my fault I expected too much from him or I'm being too clingy or because hes 21 hes all about the party scene like every weekend he likes to go out and drink but I wouldn't mind going out places with him ..he said he liked me and he cared but it sure doesn't seem like it I'm a trying to much to make this work or am I naive about this ? I think the reason I want it to work is he reminds me of myself in sooooo many reasons he's outgoing funny charismatic and he's handsome but It's his personality that attracts me Im jiust scared to lose him.. what do you guys think?