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Is He Leading Me On Or Is This Something Else?

Published on April 1, 2014 by crazimonki

Ha ha only if you can be bothered reading… So I’m Wondering about this guy, We first met at 13 in High School, he’s complimented me over the years and stood up for me in some kind of way, and also touched me once, and also briefly talked a few times. And now we are 16. I have been known to be the shy, quiet, unpopular girl, and he is the popular, loud, outgoing guy… He’s like loud in class and “tries to be funny” i guess but this is usually what he acts like and he’s with his friends, when he’s alone he's fine, i have known from experience^^. He’s had girlfriends over the past they were popular and outgoing but they didn't last long...

Alright… the things i have noticed: Every Athletics he would always stare/look at me, But never approach or talk to me. i have noticed these out of the corner of my eye, because i'm not a huge starer and try not to make people find out... i have had a bad experience. Also his friend told my friend that he liked me, and i asked my friend to tell him "if he liked me in any way?", and he replied with a "no". So if his friend was joking? then i don't know why they would of made it up about me and nobody else. Also i think i noticed him smile at me or maybe it's just me... he was alone at the time, and seen him from far away looking at me first in a crowd, and have seen his feet pointing in my direction too and he is like open and lent back on the wall this one time when he saw me coming, like "trying to be cool" in front of me?. Thing is he is loud everywhere and in class and asks a lot of questions, he sits at the back with his friends, and stands up and walks around me? i guess maybe :/ like i have always thought he was the shy guy because he’s not doing anything but by him doing all these signs then… i have no clue.

and sometimes he would make like a smart/mean comment just whenever, like out of the blue. I wouldn't even think he would for starters. This time it was about something stupid. but it always seems to be directed at me and it sounds like he means what he says in the mean way, what I've noticed he doesn't do that to anybody else... i thought he would of changed towards me, but i don't believe that "if a guy is mean to you...they like you"..

But honestly i just don’t know what’s going on right now… i kinda wanna know, and i'm confused So hmm is there a sign that he likes me or.... is he like losing interest in me? like what's up with the staring and why doesn't he do anything, since he looks at me often?!


Dear crazimonki,

Sounds like he's a bit on the immature side, especially if he likes you but he's not willing to make a move or even let you know for sure. It does sound like he is interested in you, but knowing high schoolers as I do, and as you describe you and he, it's very common for the popular guy to not want to openly admit they like a girl from a different social circle.

What you should do is try to find an opportunity to get him alone, or write a note and find a way to pass it to him without anyone knowing to see if you can get an answer from him. Maybe ask him to a movie or a school dance, or ask for his phone number. Maybe start smaller and tell him you think he's cute whenever he does xyz (is he a jock? Maybe he's cute when he plays football, etc). This can be a way to get it answered for sure.

But if he's not willing to openly admit he likes you, there's not much you can do unless you want to keep torturing yourself all throughout your high school years. If he won't come out with it, sorry to say but don't give him attention. Play hard to get and move on. Find someone else you like and is wants to date you. That's all you can do.