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Is 20 years down the drain ?

Published on July 25, 2014 by dkirby333

I have been with the same guy for the last 22 years. He cheated on me with a co worker for years after he bought his second business. She left about a year ago and instead of asking me to come and help him run his second business, he hired a girl that is well known to be a whore and she is 28yrs old with 3 kids and he is 57. Now they are having a affair. I threatened to leave just to see if he would let her go and he didn't. Now I feel like Im going to be pushed out of his life because he wants her more than he wants me. Am I stupid for staying ?


Of course he didn't believe your threat of leaving. He already cheated on you for Years and you stayed. He knows you aren't going anywhere. It sounds like he hired this girl in particular for a reason, doesn't it? IMHO, he was looking for another affair. And now he's got his cake and gets to eat it too because he knows you will put up with it. No, I wouldn't say you are stupid. But you are acting like a doormat. He will never stop cheating on you because there is no reason for him to stop. You clearly have a big heart, and you are wasting it on this man who has NO respect for you, and is A-OK with humiliating you publicly. Do you think people don't talk about this and gossip about what your husband is doing? That is not fair to you at all. And here you are fearing that you will "be pushed out of his life." Sweetheart, if this man pushes you out of his life, it will be for your own betterment! Your whole identity and self esteem has clearly been damaged as a result of his selfishness and pig-like behaviour. Don't wait for this guy to leave- or push you out- LEAVE on your own terms. Reclaim your life and stop wasting yourself on this loser

I'd also like to add that your time is NOT just "down the drain" Every relationship is a learning experience. You have plenty of time to build a new and more rewarding life