First place to to him. Discuss sexual turn ons, fantasies and things both of you would like to try together. Hope that helps!

The number one thing a man seeks from a woman in bed is enthusiasm - as long as whatever you're doing conveys your enthusiasm to him, the details are unimportant. He wants to know you're in bed with him because that's where you WANT to be. The "with him" part is an important distinction - it's a huge turn-on for a man when his lady makes it clear that it's not just sex she likes, but that it's specifically sex WITH HIM that she desires.

Dear friend, there are a lot of ways to make a man happy, but remember this goes both ways! I am a professional Astrologer specializing in relationships so if you like you could email me with your and your partner horoscope sign, and i will send you how you can make sex more interesting for you both, and what is the major turn one’s for your Zodiac sign. Yours truly AstroCoach email: