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information after the fact

Published on May 25, 2014 by teskey

my soon to be husband, didn't think to tell me he was meeting a friend for dinner. he didn't even hint that he was in contact with her and that they had been working on this visit for a week and a half. he did eventually let me know about the visit after the fact via text well as telling me he wouldn't be home till the next afternoon. I don't know how to deal with the situation or the feelings of mistrust t I am


Have you spoken to him about how you feel? Have you asked him what he did the night he didn't come home? You really need to discuss this with him if you are planning to get married with him. He needs to understand that the way he went about meeting with his "friend" made it look like perhaps they are more than friends or would like to be. Good communication skills are so valuable in successful marriages. Now is the best time to start learning those skills. This is how you work through misunderstandings and/or get to know each other better, before you marry him.