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improve my communication

Published on February 3, 2012 by sanvi

I would be very much thankful if I could get help from you sir/madam..
I’m 24 years old. He proposed me after our 2nd Pu (both were classmates in Pu).. I accepted after 6 years, when I completed my education and took a job. He is well settled.
My man loves me very much, so do I.. He is very open & comfortable with me, understands me, always encourages and helps me in all aspects. In this one year of our love relationship, we started facing problems due to lack of communication from my side (I don’t do it purposefully, I’m silent). Whenever he wants me to talk, all he gets from me is silence or QUESTIONS and he gets very irritated by it (something like what r u doing also irritates him). Nowadays he has stopped sharing most of the things with me.
How to improve my communication, or what else can I do.. I just want him to be happy..
Kindly help me on this.. Thank You..