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im tight

Published on August 11, 2010 by acid_trip

im really, tight and tonight me and my boyfriend, are getting a hotel room, i dont know what to do! i know its gunna hurt, how do i change it fast? or something? My boyfirend dont have that big of a dick anyways( but i still love him) i dont get it! HELP!


Use good lubricant like 'astroglide'. or good ol fashioned 'ky' jelly would work wonders if you are really tight and want thick layer of lube to help with the ;glide'. you can find both at local pharmacy, target, walmart etc

good luck with your sex adventure. be sure to share your experience.

Well apparently he doesnt know what he's doing, because all guys want a tight woman, your body is made to open as much as it needs to if done slowly the right way, have plenty of foreplay and lube and take your time, and the hotter you get the wetter you get and the longer the foreplay then everything should be great! It's your boyfriend that does'nt know how to get you ready! You need me to show you, LOL, just playing, but tell him that you need lots of foreplay and teach the dummy how to work that thing the right way, OK!!! Trust me, my first wife was like that, and others, but we had great sex for hrs. at a time! It's the big women I dont care for and I'm not small, but would prefer a small woman anyday, be glad your built like that!!! TAKE CARE!!!!!