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I'm single and find myself attracted to married women

Published on May 6, 2010 by blue68

I'm single and find myself attracted to married women and I enjoy the fact that she is strickely interested in the sexual satisfaction. Is it possible to meet some of these women??


I hear what you're saying but speaking as someone who works a lot with couples who are trying to repair their marriages after an affair, may I make a suggestion? Even though you may find a married woman attractive as a single man, she has commitments in her life. If a married woman were to come to you interested in sexual satisfaction, you may be happy with no strings, and she may even have a few good orgasms, but in reality you would be harming her, her husband, her children if she has any, her family, her husband's family, and the list goes on. Thus I'd suggest finding women who are single and available for TRUE no-strings-attached sexual satisfaction if that's what you two decide as consenting adults. No matter what you do, any sex with a married woman is going to come with some string attached, because she is not truly available.

Well I can't relate to the married woman part but I can to being attracted to already taken men. I was told once that it is just because I know there is no responsibility with a married man & its all fun. That is why I am so interested in them.