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im seven months pregnant and my boyfriend says he works alot and i never see him should i end this relationship?

Published on June 3, 2010 by icecream

me and my boyfriend has been together for almost 2 yrs im 20 and he is 32 im having his first baby and he doesnt seem to be excited at all before i continued with my pregnancy i asked him if he wants this and he told me yes it seemed so at the first 3 months because placed himself into a job immediately and he supports me financally but as i say money isnt everything. i love him darely but as i grew more in this pregnancy the more he distance himself,he still tells me he loves me and im beautiful but he doesnt seem to make and effort to see me at all,if i see my boyfriend a entire week in the month im suprised,the most i see him is like once or twice a month i hurt and cry alot because knowing that im in this situation and i asked him before and he agreed and still yet i have to accomplish this by myself.i really dont know what to do or what to think of him,honestly i think that there is someone else cause evertime i call him in the night after he finishes work he will be like" let me call yuh bac they" and i will jus hang up he will call bac onced and i wouldnt ans and then later on in the morning like around 2:00am i'll call him unknown and hear cars and people talking.another thing is instead of making an effort to see me he rather party and get drunk,and u know what he'll tell me wen i tell him about the drinking he will tell me his two vice are sex and drinking so which one id rather him do.Sex is another problem he doesnt wanna have sex with me so who is he having sex with i dont know if to break up wit him or just ignore plzzzzzzzzzz i need some advice