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21 ANSWERS kinda sorta seeing a man that is twice my that ok?

Published on May 28, 2009 by arenae

i met a wonderful man that makes me happy and has been showing me things i was oblivious to...i have felt things physically and mentally that have really taken me aback and made me do the silent "wow.." but hes a lot older then me...literally there's a 20 year difference...but there is so much chemistry its amazing...and its so much nicer then dating the pricks my age. that dont know what team work is and only have ONE thing on the brain...i just am wondering what other peoples opinions might be...get an outside would be appreciated..


I think as long as you are happy and he treats you right then age shouldn't matter it's just a number. It's good to be happy God wants us to be happy.

It's a progressive time, it's not like this is a new topic but, there might be some things to consider. I agree if you both get along are on the same page with things, kids, marriage, all the things you BOTH feel are important in a relationship. Obviously like you said he has shown you things that someone your own age may not & that's great! But, you may want to consider the differences in life paths. Just be sure you're taking HIS side into consideration too! Does HE feel it's an issue?! For instance, not knowing how old you are- I still think this is something to take into account....... have you discussed what will happen should he want to retire?! Does he want to travel the world? You needing to work so YOU can get Social Security & other benefits when it's YOUR turn to retire?! Or if he gets sick (or you too for that matter) will either of you be able to look after the other's needs?! What about kids?! Will you want to wake up in the middle of the night for diaper duty & feedings?! School carpools, soccer, baseball, etc. practices & recitals?! Dr. dentist appt.s etc.!? What about physical differences in the bedroom!? Use Viagra or the like?! There's many ways to show love & affection to one another other than intercourse! Just be sure that you agree on the major points that are of concern/importance to BOTH of you! Otherwise as long as he treats you well & doesn't abuse you in any way shape or form, I don't see why it should be a problem?! It's only a problem if you let it be! Enjoy your time together! =)