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I'm getting tired, what should i do?

Published on June 14, 2013 by bash00

Ive been with my boyfriend for more than a year now, courting stage was great but as months passes by things changed. I somewhat know this would happen but not to this degree. now he doesn't pick me up when going somewhere I usually go to his place and barely sends me home too. I know his a busy man and most of the time tired because of work but sometimes I feel really bad about it. one time he told me he was so tired without sleep, a friend invited him to a party and he was willing to go. but whenever I ask him to visit (even if he was going somewhere really close to my place) he just tells me his tired and has some things to do. when we are together were fine, but he only gives time for me like once a week even if he has an extra day. oh and now we barely go out on dates too. BARELY. been months since we last went out. So to cut this short, the effort now is always coming from me. We have talked about it, he tells me he's sorry and he knows he hasnt been an effective bf.. he changes but only for a week or two.