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I'm confused on a new guy I just met

Published on February 5, 2012 by nycsinglegirl

I met a guy Saturday night, we hit it off and were dancing and kissing the rest of the night. He took my number as I left the club first and he was going to come over after he left. But he decided to stay with his friend. Sunday, I went to brunch with my friends and I texted him late. We talked /sexted for 2 hours. Saying things like how he wants to take me out before we got 'super intimate' and he thought it was hot how open I was being with him. At work on Monday, he texted me to see how I was feeling (from being drunk the following day) and again we talked for a bit. He asked me what I was doing later, then invited himself over to hang/sleep. He still didn't want to have sex, just fool around a little bit. 

He did come over, and we had a great time. Talked, fooled around, and he even sang me 'Happy Birthday' at midnight. In the morning we fooled around some more before we had to get up to go to work. we walked out together and he gave me a kiss when we went our separate ways. That night he mentioned two things, 1. he was leaving for london next week for work. And 2, he wanted to come over again.

Now what I'm confused about is I've barely heard from him this week. I messaged him twice, and he would respond but didn't try to put effort towards the conversation. I asked him when he was leaving for London, he said Tuesday night. Then wrote "pretty slammed between now and then tho..."


How should I handle this? Is it over? Is he not interested? 


Well, he could just be really busy. From my point of view, it looks like he got what he wanted and isn't really interested in it going any further than that.

Even though it's the 21st century, making out with a guy the minute you meet him isn't the way to start a long term relationship with a guy. I only know this because of articles I've read about what guys think of this. He thinks that if you make out with him right away, you probably do that all the time with other guys. If you want a long term relationship, you're going to have to act a little more old fashioned and take things more slowly. When a guy asks for your number, have him work for you. Have him take you out to dinner. Don't meet up at your or his place until he's asked you out 3 or 4 times for movies, dinner, etc. Then if his goal is a long term relationship as well, he'll have the patience to wait for fooling around. Good luck.

Dont reach out to him anymore. The last thing you want is to appear desperate. If he misses talking to you or your company then you'll hear from him. Dont sell yourself short. Attention is nice but at what cost ??