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im in a complicated relationship and now im pregnant what should i do ?

Published on June 4, 2010 by icecream

i met my boyfriend almost two yrs ago we didnt really mean to be in a relationship but i met him when he was dating a woman for like about 14yrs and it wasnt a problem to me but as months pass us by liming together we became close and closer to each other,(p.s. we were having sex while we were liming)and now im pregnant and he dosent wanna leave his girlfriend and he dosent wanna leave me hes being geedy it was ok for me to cope with then but now i need him and hes not around what should i do?


The more important question is why you want to be a doormat. But, as far as getting anything out of him, ain't gonna happen. If you choose to keep the child, don't expect anything from him. You can sue, but good luck in collecting anything. He's not going leave his girlfriend/wife for you because he never cared about you to being with. You were a sexual good time and now you've complicated it by getting pregnant. My guess is you're considerably younger than him as well. Never have unprotected sex with a guy EVER. Especially ones that admittedly have wives and girlfriends. This guy is an accomplished cheater, I very much doubt you are the only one he's banging. If you are fortunate enough to steal this wonderful man away from his girlfriend or wife. You can look forward to being cheated on, lied to and treated like dirt. Congratulations.

What you should do is prepare to be a single mama, cause that's as good as this is gonna get.