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I'm been self center?

Published on October 6, 2012 by oliviagarcia


I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a  4 years he lives with me and drink. At first I though he was a social drinker like me...after a year  I realize he was an alcoholic so we went true some staffs and I decide to stop drink at all hoping he will do it to ,we star going to church etc..  Any ways ,like 2 year ago fanally he say ok i will tray to stop he did for3 month then I found out the he was still drinking so  we talk n try one more time he did good for a year ...we got invited to a wedding and he star drinking so I did too ..we really got drun, I don't remember what happed tha nite but next day I was all bit up ,he say I fell and hurt my self .before he was a litter violent  went he was since then he star drinking on the weekends and then went to more n more so again we talk he didn't tink he have to stop .but one day he went off and hit me why he was drunk this time I put him out of my house he was goin for 2 weeks then somehow we work things out with  condition if he ever star drinking again he have to move out.. So he did and he is going for 3 nites ,he come over last nite and want to comeback but I tell him the I am tired trying to change him the he may have to live on his Owen and see what happens..he  is good gay good heart .but some times he get very mad and scream  and curse,I don't course  wich it does hurt I come  from bad relation ship and I usually stay whit them till can't do it any more. And is we're I'm at now.. He say iven if he change I alway going to have a problem and he don't want take time off for right now ..all I want for him to b on his own space and to stop on his own time if he really want to change ,he don't I gree with me. Our sexual life is not  good he may just look for it ones a month some time he don't wich it really don't care because I don't feel like I need to.but at the same time I know is not normal .went I mention to him he say is because we not marred  and we need to be marred so  we can I get stress out wonder how to take control I don't want to hurt him but I don't want to be unhappy either .please help me thanks


If he's hurting you when he drinks, this is a BIG sign for you to make some changes. You don't deserve to be hit or abused. Please consider whether or not it's wise for you to stay in a relationship with him. If you do stay, set some firm boundaries with him and then stick with them. Get support from your family and friends no matter what you decide to do.

Best Wishes, Susie and Otto