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I'm approaching 60 and want to leave my partner of 15 years.

Published on January 5, 2010 by atlantaguy

We're a suburban gay couple with a house and my grandkids. We own a business together. However, there is no love coming from him to me. He hates our work. He stays to himself. We no longer have a fulfilling physical relationship. He refuses to get involved in our finances. He is mad at his family. He hates to initiate talk with our customers (althought he is great with them when they talk to him). He curses when our business phone rings (he answers it). And he is always complaining or talking about other people, especially when we ride down the road. He is full of negativity.

He constantly blames me for everything. I've gained weight, common in people aging. I walk on egg shells around him. He won't accept my touching him, even if a pat on the back. Says it is like I'm petting him.

I was married, and even in the worse of arguments it was never as barren as this relationship. Problem is we own a house, own a business, and have to live together until the market changes and we can sell. WE haven't talked about it, but I gotta think he feels the same way - he must with his actions.

It took a lot of emotional energy to come out, and mnore to find him. It was good for a long time, but ever since we started working together he literally acts as though he hates me. I've tried to encourage him to do something else, or change the way we work. He refuses.

Can anyone suggest how I can keep my head screwed on straight while I wait for the right time to sell the house and close the business?

I would prefer the relationship survived, but I need someone to love me - and he clearly doesn't.