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I'm 17, he's married: do we have a future?

Published on April 10, 2009 by lonelieprincezz

i am very madly in love to a man who married already. But he said to me he is already divorced with his ex-wife.. i don't know the real fact,, but i only know and i am very aware that i am terribly in love to him .. i just want to ask from you guys if this what i feel know is totally disgusting? i am not asking you too much i just want to have or to receive a good advise from you . i am totally stranger in myself now. and i can't also blame myself for feeling like this


You're not disgusting, just a tad bit unrealistic. Married men are not available to date. Period. And if they date you, they will date others when they're married to you. Do yourself a favor- take a good look in the mirror and tell yourself all the things about you that a happily SINGLE man would be interested in. Listen to yourself as you do this and remember that a good man is out there. Don't throw your life away on a fantasy-- live in the real world and find someone who can truly be there for you.