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Im 16 and this girl is 14......(cont)

Published on October 1, 2010 by universal21

Well, the first thing i'd like to point out is my name is Jordan.... and i'm 16 years old..... i really like this girl who is in grade 9... she is 14 years old and really sweet, personally i think she is a lot more mature than girls in my grade (11).. we've known each other for... around 6 years so yea... I am just really confused for the fact that she said she really likes me too... but the next day after she said this, she said she needs more time to think... it would be her first relationship so i dont really know how to approach it more comfortably... can anyone help? maybe some things that i should think about?


Hi Jordan. i really know how to feel in her shoes. also im about your age (17) so i hope my advice wont be old fashioned.
so ok you know her for a long time. thats good ( and its not like other stupid relationships i see (saw kissed had sex and broke up)) i cant tell you some things she could think about: 1. youre in the same school (if you are). the possibillity of braking up always are real, will she handle seeing you all the time 2. will you be loyal to her 3. can she TRUST YOU. 4. will you demand for sexual relationship or will you respect her body and her decision 5. does she image you with her in the futu 6. her feelings for you 7.the possibillity for stable relationship 8. her oppinion about you 9. her friends oppinion about you ( yeah sometimes we listen)

if you are inpatient and you dont like blurry answers, ask her to tell how much she will need time to think about. and assure her she nac trust you and if she doubting about something she can freely ask you and you will truthfully answer and clear her doubts... yeah the magic key is trust... make girls trust you fully and they are yours :D

and now unplesant part my argument againts this relationship and some tips.

she is 14 the holy top of all that hormones can do. myou must be super ultra exta carefull, in this time most of our minds changes in the matter of time. you must understand that this stage (the holy year of teenagery) can be so exausting and demanding.

And you are 16 the same top just for the boys... can i ask you: 1. are you smart enaugh to say no to spontanious sexual relationship (and believe that occurs) 2. or at least are you smart enaugh to use protection 3. can you control yourself? 4. are mature enaugh to see how things will go? 5. and are you ready to stnad for your actions? 6. are you ready to be loyal?

yeah and i thought that relationship is a game... HARD game... so yeah.... you should reconsider yourself if she is a good friend or more. and it doesnt matter if she told you something, your feelings must come to the first place.

so yeah... be smart, be mature and dont let her seductions control you :D feel free to pm me if you did not understood me. ( english is not my native language so yeah xD)

good luck duuuuuuude your gonna need it. i could write more but im kinda tired. but im always glad to help

Personally,I think you should just concentrate on being a kid and not be in such a hurry to be a grownup. You're only 16 and she's only 14 and in my opinion that is WAY too young to be thinking about a serious relationship. And you definitely DO NOT need to be considering sex if that is on your mind. Wait until you're a married adult. God knows what's best for you and He'll send you the right person when He knows you're emotionally ready. Right now just take the time to be her friend and enjoy being a kid,because trust me,you'll miss these days later. God Bless and I'll be praying for both of you.

Im a lot older than you but I can understand what you're thinking. Ok, she's very young, so are you, that's beautiful!! I wish I was that young again, I cannot remember those times well, but it was wild and I wish I could do it all over again and differently. So enjoy these years, whatever you might be told. Be a good guy, work on yourself, be a real friend to her, brighten up her day, surprise her and in 2 years she'l certainly be asking you to kiss her and be her bf. And that would be cool or not? Maybe you already kiss, ok, but at your age you should move on slowly in these things, I believe. It is the age and the inner maturity that is not there yet probably. But w 16 she'll be more aware and if your lucky she'll love you back. I hope for you, cuz it's so nice to fall in love and to be happy in a relationship w someone you already know for a while, be it a boy or a girl. Just don't be too quick w sex and might really be too early. You can laugh, go out, read, watch movies, listen to radio, go out in the park, go out w friends, go eat something, talk, share everything, but I don't think you should have sex or similar together too early. If you did, forget about it and wait for later, just a suggestion, not an order. However she will thank you for that later.

Thanks for all the comments everyone, you are all making me feel alot better according to this... but another problem im having if she will be loyal to me, i have no problem being loyal to her... she's 14 so i honestly have no idea what im dealing with, i normally have went out with girls my age and they tend to be "in love", rather than looking at my looks... i mean i am according to people cute and "hot", but i dont want to be thought that way by her because i actually like her, and i wouldn't mind having a nice long lasting relationship with someone like her... i just dont want this to end so quickly, i mean like i said she is mature, but who knows what she thinks like.... maybe im just not having faith in our relationship...