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If you wanted to treat your guy to the most romantic evening out what would you do?

Published on April 19, 2009 by genele

what would you do to make your guy have the most romantic evening out? an evening he'll never for for many years to come and one he'll talk about as much as he talks about you. ladies give me your advise and fellas tell me what you would like or think.


Go somewhere for dinner, His Choice. But dont have dessert. Go to one of your houses, and you can make something sweet for him.the setting has to be perfect(romantic) Give Him a full body massage. Then, just ask him to tell you exactly what he wants you to do for him. And just do it.

Its all about your guy and what he's interested in. There is no romantic night that works for everyone. For my DH a romantic night was us going up in a plane, a fancy dinner of Wendy's and then a night at a B&B with a hot tub. But that might not work for some guys.

Ask yourself this first...when you think of a romantic night out for yourself, do you want the dated, old fashioned, time honored tradition of the guy taking you out to a fancy restaurant, a bouqet in his hands, maybe a little present, followed by dancing, followed by parking somewhere under a vast expanse of stars for some deep communication and physical intimacy...or do you want something that is really tailored for you? Guys may not consciously catch on (then again, some of us do) but just like you ladies, we appreciate when something is done for us - that makes us the center of your attention - but we absolutely love it when you do something for us that we REALLY enjoy, just like you do. For instance, if you have a car guy with a very specific car that he loves, he would be stunned and yours for the rest of his life if you were able to arrange for him to drive it (whether its a rental or whatever) maybe even for the day where you've already made the travel itenerary to some of his favorite places that he has probably always wanted to include you with. Point is, there is no standard formula for making a great memory for your guy. He's your guy so treat him to something special that you know he would love!