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If you can't make someone love you, why am I trying?

Published on January 4, 2012 by wannagetitright


I've been seeing a guy since June of this past year. He calls me his girlfriend but he refuses to put our relationship on facebook. He has girls leaving things on his wall all the time which really upsets me. Recently, I learned he still talks to his ex at least once a week by phone. And I can't tag him in any photos, can't even tag him in a status. He wants no one to see me. I feel hidden and I'm not sure what to do.



***Also, I've told him I loved him a few weeks ago. I don't need those words returned especially if he doesn't mean them. But it hurt to look up at someone I love and see pity in their face.


Your question has the answer in it. Why are you trying to make someone love you? Calling you 'his girlfriend' and showing you by his actions that those words are not true gives you your answer.

Perhaps you want a relationship so desperately that you will accept anything (crumbs) that he gives. Could it be that your self esteem and self respect is so low that even "a look of pity on his face" is better than nothing.

A one way love relationship rarely if ever works!

End this farce of a relationship now. Stop trying to make something that is not there.

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Inez Bracy