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If he keeps on sending messages, why won't he pick up the phone and CALL?

Published on January 6, 2010 by threefour

Around November of last year I started seeing this guy. We go to the same college and, after him starting small talk whenever we would bump into each other for a period of time, he asked me for my phone number out of the blue. Thinking nothing of it, I gave it to him. Mind you, I was never especially drawn to or attracted to this guy.. I saw him as an average joe, if a nice guy. He called me that same night to ask me out. I declined, and after that he kept on calling. The second or third time he called me I was at a bar with friends...I invited him thinking he wasn't gonna go but HE DID. This was a pleasant surprise and (to me at least) an indicator that the guy has major blls.He called me about a week after that to ask me out, and, although I said no that time, I called him about a week later and we hung out again. All in all, I only saw him about 4 times. One time he held my hand in public, not only that, the "public" were his friends. He's from out of town, so come the winter holiday, he left. We hung out the last day before he left and had a great time (nothing major happened, mind you, nothing physical). However, although we have kept in contact via the Web (ugh! feels so virtual and not real) and he keeps on reminding me about the date that he'll be back and that we should see each other blah blah..he hasn't called, not even to say hi! Is it just me or does the lack of a telephone call is just a BIG RED FLAG signaling a lack of interest? Should I run from this guy and NOT see him when he comes back or ANY day after that? Should I wait and see what happens? Where have the blls he seemed to have at the start gone?!