WELLLLlllllllllll................... If they are friends then naturally they have some feelings for each other. If what you are looking for is, "Do they love each other?" Most l likely not. I personally would not want to have sex with just ANYONE. I would like to know them on some level and at least like them to a degree. Does this mean a long term and love filled relationship not necessarily. It could be just getting to know that person better, the need to have sex, or wanting to know if the elationship could go much further. Most likely it was on the needs of both people att he time. It hopefully be a good thing for both of them to look back on in the years to come and even if it happens a few times more so what. I'd guess they found out it wasn't meant for them to be an item together. It was good for at leas tone mopment in time for both of them.

Not really. Now a days people use each other for sex all the time. Sex doesn't really equal love or feelings. More than likely it just means they found a sexual outlet that was convenient.

Depends on whether this is sex of convenience or of mutual attraction. We need more details.