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If a female friend suggests you take a vacation together, what does this mean?

Published on January 6, 2010 by marcus2182

My name is Marc. I've been best friends with Adrianna since the 7th grade (13 years). I've always been interested in her, but she has blown it off as no big deal. After her friends met me, she started treating me completely different. Her interest grew and she wants to do everything together. It's almost like we are dating. We are both turning 25 this year and all of a sudden she suggests that we go to Costa Rica together for a week. Is she being real or am I being naive to another sinister plan by the Evil Empire???


If you've been best friends for that long it could just be that she wants you to go as a friend. But if she wants something more, Dont let yourself be the one to make the move. Follow her lead, If she seems flirty its ok for you to flirt back, And so on with anything else your unsure of.

oh! no don't think something different that might not be in her mind, you girls are friends and you be friends for so long, i don't see anything wrong with that. taken a vacation with your bosom friend. hey come cherry.