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idk anymore

Published on June 18, 2013 by huckleberry_hunnie

i have been seeing this guy for over a year now. our mutual friend decided to set us up. i said only if he wanted to. at that time i did know he was trying to get over that witch, well i found some messages on fb to and from her.. he was still in love with her. it made me so upset, but i could not leave him. she just has caused so much trouble between us that i don't know anymore. i have questioned him from time to time. i hate her with a passion. i told him before to tell her to back off and respect our relationship, but i really don't know if he had because she kept it up. she is so out there idk why he keeps her as a friend all his bros tell him to leave her alone. but he never learned. she sleeps around with all kinds of guys, no lies on this i found this out from her and she seems proud of it. she had her chance but she keeps messaging him and trying to call and text him. i don't appreciate that. we have talked about her before, but he has lied for her before to keep her around makes me wonder what her motif is and why does he still keep her around. maybe i don't give him what he wants and she has it. idk what to do. leave or go even though i love him and his kids.