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I wont my boyfriend not to move away from me

Published on June 18, 2014 by lovely 2

What do I say to my boyfriend so he wont move back home think a bad idea.his mom passed last Monday we are neighbors. Been together 2 years sisters and them mom baby him to much from Baltimore Maryland he is disabled suffers with grand mal seizures. I have heard he gets a good check they will be asking him for money did mom,wont to get him a 1 bedroom apartment.

I live in Roanoke not Maryland smaller state his oldest sister power of attroney she wonts to control things she gives him to me money she wonts to all his sisters 2 work and like to go,seems like one brother really may ask money. He is real quite easy going get him a 1 bedroom apartment.

Yes it is up to him they are my neighbors under us been here 9 years I have a 21 year old special needs daughter had cna nurses training they have a big family he is there now moms funneral yesterday I have not been able to call him all day sister did not pay cellphone bill.

I am no good me and my daughter miss him I have his brothers address should I write him him and one sister be back next week left Friday we see each other every day this is hard now phone problems. Looks like he would of asked brother to use his staying with him.