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I want to be best friends again!

Published on March 4, 2013 by t4nyap4rm4n4nd

I had started to like this guy named chocolate (name changed) in October 2010, only a couple of girlfriends knew but no one else. I had never spoke to him before, I only knew him because our families were good friends. One day I wrote an email to his friend saying that I used to like chocolate. And he didn't know me that well so he was acting like I had cooties or something. After a week or two we started talking, like small talk. Then we had become pretty good friends. A couple of times we'd play truth or dare and whenever I asked him a question he'd always be like I’d go to prom with you and I think you’re the best. I got really happy then and whenever we had a skype chat, chocolate would be like "my name" and chocolate forever and love you and all that sort of thing. But then after 4 months or so, I heard he had told everyone that I had a crush on him, I had got really mad at him and told him off for being such a jerk. Then I just sort of ignored him for like a week because I wanted to hear those words from him saying “sorry” and then we started talking again. This time we made some sort of prank on everyone that he was dating some girl and she was completely faked and it was really funny cause that got us something to talk about. When we would oovoo together with our friends we would have a separate chat but at times he wouldn’t check it so I would be like ugh and then I made up something saying oh how he was my cousin and everyone bought that. It was a funny time because we had home economics and we had to make a sandwich. When we made a sandwich strawberry was saying to switch sandwiches with each other as a joke (me and chocolate) so we agreed but we never ended up doing food tech!  In my school we have this mini world cup tournament where you play football but you must have at least 1 girl. So he had asked me to play for him and my best friend Strawberry (That’s not actually her name) so we said yes but I didn’t end up playing (cause his friend asked his girlfriend) After about 6 months I had gotten a new phone and we would constantly message each other until one day we got into a huge fight. Strawberry and I had this huge fight where at one point I got so mad at her because she kept on talking about how I should pay more attention to her and listen to her and start replying to her messages instead of chocolates. So she gave me an option: to be her friend and not be chocolates or be his and not be hers. Obviously I went with Strawberry but I felt so bad because I told him that I can’t be his friend anymore and that I’d talk to him when the situation Is better. So I didn’t talk to him for a month and neither did I talk to strawberry. But then suddenly we started year 8 and we all worked our problems out there was a lot happening like cause a lot of his friends and him kept on teasing me about my skin colour and kept on saying really mean things about me. But like I had a huge big fight with them at the end of year 8 cause chocolate was always bad talking about me and always teasing me or reading my texts and not replying them and all that. And they would bug me so much like they would play the penis game but play it with my name instead. They would say I love you and all that crap and I was just like… haha so then I got really annoyed cause they said really mean things about my skin colour: for e.g. “rain” (Chocolates best friend) told chocolate you should never go out with me because if you do she’ll give your babies dark chocolate milk and I got really pissed off. So I went and told on them and they didn’t even get anything not a single thing. And like they got so mad they stopped talking to me and now in year 9 they keep on fraping me and like just last month chocolate imessaged me saying will you go out with me and my cousin told him yes and I didn’t even know and he was like oops sorry that was a frape and I told him the same thing that it was a frappe and he didn’t believe me so now he thinks I like him. And one of my friends from LA has a huge crush on me and chocolate got so jealous and they had this huge fight over me and it was so funny and then like chocolate hated me after that cause chocolate and I fake dated and I told my friends as a joke and they went and told chocolate and chocolate got so mad at me and then he blamed me for spreading rumors about him. But then just like in October one of my friends called “Pear” and chocolate and a couple of my friends had went on this group to Singapore and there they had played truth or dare. Pear and chocolate had made a pact saying that they would fake date each other to make me jealous. I had found out about by going through her phone and saw their whole chat. They had bad talked about me by calling me a bitch and ugly and really mean other things. I had confronted both of them about it and then they had said they were sorry but I don’t trust pear. But then it was strawberry’s birthday on January 9th and he had a plan to invite a couple of girls and guys just to hang. I was his best girlfriend but he didn’t invite me and I felt so bad like honestly last year he had helped me plan my birthday but I just feel after when me and him fake dated he has just treated me like shit. Now everything’s back to normal except the fact that they keep teasing me (Chocolate and his friends) Now I just want chocolate to become my good friend like it was in 2010 how is that possible?