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I want my ex back, but I' don't know how to do it after having ignored each other?

Published on June 11, 2014 by mva2743

It's been a month and ten days since my ex and I broke up. He broke up with me because he felt he wasn't ready for the relationship despite his strong feelings for me (he's a very insecure person when it comes to love, kind of like the type of guy who wants his independence but won't let you let him go?), and then I told him that we should stop everything because I was starting to feel like he was going to hurt me and that I wasn't okay with that. He asked me to be friends with him but honestly, our relationship started so fast and ended so quickly that we never got to be first friends on the first place... Anyways, I fell in love with him and I'm sure he also had some very strong feelings for me, thus, we used to get along incredibly well, like, I could've relied on him at all times and that we could be ourselves around each other because our connection was THAT GOOD. I used to see this guy at least twice a week because we work at the same place, but we've been ignoring each other since the breakup. The reason I decided to ignore him is because people always say that to get your ex back, you have to ignore him, and, it's been more than a month and I'm starting to feel tired of ignoring him, because I still miss him and love him. I also found out he's been complaining to his friends about me not saying a word to him (he didn't try reaching me either, by the way) and then his friends coming to me and telling me I broke his heart and that I should be the one to approach him because according to him, we both broke things off. I'm pretty sure that he won't approach me, so there's this part of me that tells me to go to him and talk to him, and I think I'll definitely need to do it. The problem here is, how? I've never done this before because I tend to be a very proud person. I don't know if I should text him (we used to text A LOT, more than calling each other), call him or talk to him in person (the problem with talking to him in person is that we barely see each other anymore). What should I say to him? I don't exactly want to tell him that I want to get back together with him, but maybe start things over, try being friends, maybe? I honestly don't know what should I tell him. And see what happens from there... I'm very confused and I'm sorry for this loooong question. Thanks in advance.


I'm confused too. If HE broke up with YOU, why is he saying you broke his heart? I don't get it. The ball is in his court to bridge the gap between you two. If he has to get his friends to talk to you on his behalf, he does not sound mature enough for a real relationship. If you are really stuck on this guy, I wouldn't put it out there that you want to get back together right off the hop, just be friendly and let him take it from there. No harm in being friends and seeing what happens