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I want to have sex more with my boyfriend, what do I do?

Published on August 9, 2010 by jlasforever

I've been with my boyfriend for about five years and I think we will be together for much longer. At the moment I am terribly frustrated (sexually) and don't know what to do. He cuddles with me, joke around a lot and have fun together (we'll have some moments together that he calls 'Girlfriend Harassment Time" in which he'll grope/man-handle me or throw me on the bed and tickle me) so I don't think he doesn't love me anymore or doesn't find me attractive. He just doesn't have sex with me as much anymore.

He gets insanely jealous if anyone looks at me in any kind of sexual way and I've seen him glare at people if they dare check me out. He is very possessive (which I'm more than okay with), and he'll grab or slap my butt when no ones looking. I'm a very sexual person. The kind where when we just had sex I would like another go right then and there. What's frustrating is that my boyfriend is pretty much the opposite. He's content with having sex once every two weeks and sometimes monthly. I don't know what to do. I don't think he finds me unattractive, and I'm not sure what I can do to make him want me enough to have mind blowing sex with me.

At the moment I feel unloved, unsatisfied and ugly because I'm not getting enough sex from him like I would like him to have. I love him so much, but this makes me feel like our relationship is getting rocky and i'm scared to lose him. He's a great guy and I want to be with him for the rest of my life, I just can't handle not having enough sex. It's putting me on edge right now. What can I do?


Buy viagra or cialis and give it to him with a glass of milk/coffee/beer/soda (you can mix it in). Or you go away on a girls only vacation... ever heard absence makes a heart grow fonder?? Yeah, turn the tables on him by getting away from him :-)

Aside from above, it seems that you may have already talked to your man about the need for more sex. so his reaction to that 'talk' is that now you not getting what you were before.. why? coz he thinks he is not able to satisfy you. so psychologically, instead of having sex with you adn then you feeling unfulfilled, he just doesn't ahve sex with you ... which while makes you long for sex, there is that hope that IF you guys had sex you then may be satisfied, or that he would be able to satisfy you.. Yeah i know this is waay too twisted. But thats what guys think. The more you want sex, the less he will want to. Not that he doesn't like sex, its just that he feels he can't fulfil your needs.

Solution: when you guys have sex, say all the reassuring , reaffirming things like.. "that was soooo good" "i felt like you know how to satisfy me" ... "can we now cuddle and sleep in a hug"?... bascially you will be telling him that he (a)satisfied you (b) you liked what he did (confidence in his sexual skill) , and (c) want to now cuddle to feel emotionally connected.

I am sure you will have to keep yourself satisfied for a while during this, but if you want your man to turn around then give this a shot. Otherwise, not getting enough sex is basically a relationship breaker.. he needs to understand that too. Also, sex involves more than just penetration.. may be he can masturbate you,? or give oral sex? all of which will help keep your sexually satisfied.

good luck.

The first thing is and it may be hard to do is talk to him about it just like you said it here the way it make you feel about yourself and that you want to have mind blowing sex with him. I say this from my marrage when we finaly sat down and talked about it our sex life was just WOW and we also became much closer as a couple

Seriously...... why do you or state..... Frankly.....a sexual person finds his/her ways out.....hook or by crook. What do you want...... the world to feel pity and give sex advices or a life where everyday becomes hard for you to walk because of flawless sex...... What makes u content....? Think....?