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I want to have Sex for the first time..Should i just Do it??

Published on April 19, 2009 by twynkl_baby

I Ive done just abt everything but actual sex. Not to sound concieted but i look good, and i have alot of guys on my heels all the time. Its very tempting. Im not exactly in a committed relationship, but theres a guy that im kinda dating. Been dating him for about 4 months. i really have alot of love for him, but hes not exactly the type of guy thats easy to be with. Hes the ultimate "bad boy". I know hes dangerous, but so am i. Im sure i can keep up. At the same time i still dont want to get hurt. As strong as i am, he has potential to crush me. SHOULD I TAKE A CHANCE, AND DIVE HEAD FIRST INTO A LIFE CHANGING ACT. oR SHOULD I LET HIM GO AND KEEP LOOKING FOR SOMETHING BETTER??????? Please help me....


It may seem like a good idea and fun to be with the bad boy, but I'm a reformed bad boy and let me just say I regret the way i treated girls after I got what I wanted. What you are able to give your husband when you eventually get married is priceless. Don't let a thug like me take that from you. Wait... just wait.

I know this is a girlie site, and maybe I shouldn't have answered, but I think it was important to share what I've learned in my life.

If you're not sure you're ready, wait a little longer. You can always change your mind if you wait.

My rule: don't sleep with him unless he says I love you and gives you an orgasm some other way.

I have always said that I didn't want to have sex before I got married and if you aren't sure then I say don't do it. It's way more special if you save it for that one guy you know you will end up marring.

Wait. At least 3 or 4 times. 3 or 4 different guys, I had this feeling. I was 21 and just wanted to do it but, I waited. I wasn't ready. Now I am happy that I did and know that I waited for the right guy. Don't get to crazy over it. My mom always said, if even a little part of you feels like its wrong, then its all wrong.