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I told me fwb that I'm falling for him!

Published on October 24, 2013 by keykus35

I'd been talking to this guy roughly 3 months before we decided to be friends with benefits. He is 6 years older than me and has a full time job; he only has time to come over once a week. We have been friends with benefits for almost 2 months now and everything has been great..we talk/text/snapchat everyday and I started to feel weird if we don't talk for a day..before we became fwb, we agreed that both of us can talk to other people but if one of us start dating, the fwb is off..I used to talk to other guys until about a month ago that I lost my interests in other guys and only talk to fwb would often ask me a lot about the guys I talk to - id asked him why he's so bother and he'd tell me that he wants to see me have a bf (I always have this feeling that he wants to get rid of me).. 3 days ago, I decided to tell him that I think I'm falling for him but because I chickened out - I fb MSG him. He didn't reply until the next day - he only said that it was not what he signed up for and that I should find someone else to fall in love with. I thought our deal is off after I told him how I feel but he came over to spend time together on my birthday - he promised to spend the whole day with me but he could only cuddle for few hours. So I got mad with him and totally ignored him even though he is trying to cheer me up. I always walk him to the door and give him a good night kiss but this time I didn't, he got mad with me and said he has moved on..I asked him why did he has to make it a big deal and he said he was trying to please me and my actions made him feel unwanted. A day later, he didn't talk to me at all so I decided to send him a message..surprisingly, he said he has moved on and that we should be was really shocking for me because it has been a day and he already called it off! He said he had tried sooner and that he has feelings for me - he said lets take a break. (he said he just started seeing someone and it's only early stages) he also said that we will meet again and doubt if both of us start seeing someone else.

I don't really know what is going on with him! I really like him even though I know he doesn't worth it..can anyone please give me an advice on this situation. I know I should move on but deep down I still want him so badly..I keep thinking about times we spent together. I don't have any chance with him, do I?