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I think my guy bestfriend loves me more than a friend but doesn't know it does he?

Published on August 3, 2012 by brown_eyed_cutie

ok so were kinda in a Fwb type of thing.. he tells me he loves me but in a friendly way. he's always doing things for me. He's always telling me he loves having me around. I don't know if this means anything i was hoping maybe someone did.


I think he definetly likes you more as a friend. and if your interested i would approach him about it.

I have to ask you a question first. Do you want him to love you more then just a friend? If you do, then why don't you sit down and talk to him about it! I know, there is the other side of it where you may want him to, but you are hesitant to ask because you like him more or even love him but he may really only love you very much as a friend and he is just a really great guy to have for a friend. Ask yourself first, what are your feelings for him. Then take it from there. Hope it works out the way you want it to.