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I texted my crush and said i was at fantasy;s and asked what his fav flavors and colors were. And no response from him

Published on January 7, 2010 by silvertlc

then he came back 2 hours later than he normally does. I am staying with him for a month or two, and to begin with we were just friends, although i liked him. It seems like it is always me trying to start things with him, and out of a almost a month we have had sex maybe 5 times. And i always start it. He never does. Is he just doing it to do it.? Almost like he's forcing himself to touch me. Also on both sides of his bed are pictures of him and his family and TWO pics of his ex and long time love. What should that tell me? i was just in a horrible relationship and jumped into this situation. I am broken now, i can't imagine feeling lower about myself right now. Its like a constant rejection and i always try to over compensate to fix things or It ends up me changing me to try to fix things. What can i do?? Anything or is it too late already?