Odds are he doesn't know how to react. He probably doesn't know what he wants and he may be even more afraid to find out what you want. Give him some time and see if he is willing to talk about it. Have you figured out how you really feel about the whole thing yet?

more often than not a guy will make friends with a woman,because he knows thats the only way he feels he can truely get close enough to get what he not tryin to make anyone feel bad and im not speakin for every guy but i am a guy and i have alot of acquintances whom have said the same thing as i am.Just don't let him know how you feel.

If he's your best friend you should be able to talk to him. Make a joke about it to break the ice and just talk.

If it is a friendship that's worth saving then talk to him. Do you still consider him as just a friend or do you have stronger feelings for him now? If your feelings are now stronger about him and he won't talk to you then he wasn't your friend in the first place. But as long as your feelings for him are still as a friend only, and he's not taking your calls then I would make an effort and call one LAST time and leave a message. Let him know how much having him for a friend has meant to you and that you would never do anything to jeopardize it and want to talk to him. Tell him that this will be the last attempt to contact him and it's up to him now. Then DON'T dwell on whether he will call or not. Move on. If he comes around then good, if he doesn't...oh well. Learn from this experience in order to draw upon it the next time you're in this situation with a guy friend and want to keep him as a friend. And there will be many more "next times" believe me. Remind yourself of what happened with this friend.

If he is your best friend, talk to him. It seems he might be confused and embarrassed and needs to know that everything is OK. So make it right by talking to him.