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I need to know if this guy likes me please help?

Published on June 16, 2013 by thatawesomegirl

Okay, so before anyone thinks I am trying to break up anyone's relationship, that is most definitely not going on. There's this guy at work, right? He's super funny and hilarious and he's like no guy I've met. But we have completely different interests. Yet, he still seems completely interested in talking to me. I like him a lot and he kind of acts (at least I think) like he likes me too. He laughs at nearly everything I say and do and tells me I'm funny. And he has even given me a couple of nicknames. He will come up to me just to make me laugh and he is ALWAYS teasing me. Honestly, as far as I know, he acts differently with me there than anyone I've seen. Yesterday on Twitter, I posted what time I was working and he acted all excited when he found out we were working together. And the other day when my friend came to get something from my work for me, he lit up when she talked about me. But last night me and him were talking about how we never had anyone to talk to and then hes like "yeah the only person I really text is my girlfriend." So this is where I am confused. He acts like he really likes me, yet he brought up his girlfriend when it was just me and him there. And I don't know if this contributes at all, but me and him are two very different people with very different interests. Yet we get along so well. There is no tension at all when we talk. It's so easy. His girlfriend seems to have the same interests as him and is more like him, yet he seems so interested in me, who is pretty much his polar opposite. So, does that just mean that he is scared to like someone who's different than what he's used to, or??? So what are his intentions? Does he like me or not?


He sounds interested in you, but that doesn't mean he'll leave his girlfriend to pursue anything with you. I would ask him: "So... you've been paying me a lot of attention. Where are you going with this?" I had to ask that of a guy once, only to find out he had a wife! And he just liked to give and get attention from other women. You won't really know what's going on with him unless you ask.

I agree with Rebecca. You should address it gently, but head-on. He could just be one of those guys who is flirty with everyone, or there could be something deeper. Opposites attract all the time.