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i need help ASAP!

Published on April 14, 2012 by d-rizzy15

ohkay so me and my bf had been arguing and not talking for a while. And then i was hanging with hime and some other friends and the way me and him stand together i can feel if he gets turned on at all. And one of my friends walked up and he got turned on while he was looking at her. (this happened more than once btw.) i tried to talk about it but he wouldnt listen to me. So i was at a friends house and her brother go really drunk and i was helping get into his bed and he kissed me alot. I made him go to sleep and then the next day i told my bf and he got really made at me. I told him i take responsibility and i was really sorry. Well he broke up with me and we have been talking for a couple of days now and i  asked him(my ex) if he was thinking about dating my friend and he said maybe adn it crushed me, i started bawling and my friends tried to get me to quit but nothing helped. But anyway i want him back and i swore to him i would do anything for him but he still wont even talk to me. Well i was wandering if their was anyway i could possibly get him back? i love him more than anything and dont want to lose him.


Remember the old saying, "If you love somebody, let him go. If he comes back he's yours; if he doesn't, he never was."

Leave him alone. He doesn't want to be with you and you cheated on him. Time to cut your loses and move on.