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I need a guy's advice here?

Published on July 4, 2010 by dani1985

Okay... This question has nothing to do with me but a friend of mine..

She started talking to this guy like a month or so ago.. They met on facebook! Bad Bad Bad! haha.. anyway.. they ended up meeting up and then hooking up.. They have a lot in common too and when he first met her told her she was perfect..??? However... he just broke up with his girlfriend a week before he asked to hangout with her. REBOUND! .. So i told her be careful...! Apparently he found out some things about her that were said and confronted her about it. They met up and talked about these issues and everything was cool. he said we can be friends and hang out but nothing more.. So all was cool and she would text him every now and then.. He acted really bitter though?? Like i tried to be friends with you and your fu**ing nuts!!??? WTF??? Im totally lost here with that.. Well just recently she started dating someone else and i guess they are really hitting it off.. :) She told him i just want to be your friend i have a boyfriend .. He told her to get off his nuts and get on her new mans! .. WOW! To me this sounds like a case of I like you and im jealous of this other guy why isn't it me??? But I dont know because the i just want to be friends and nothing more??? I dont get it?? GUYS what do you think???


Hey, I've read your questions and there's something I really don't understand. You're young, attractive and seem to be a nice person. Why are you chasing men? When it comes to love, we women make it much more complicated than it has to be. We get caught up in feelings, and excitement. That's our downfall. Men don't have this problem. In fact, the more cool you are, the more aloof and the more he has to work to get you the more he will chase you to see. you. In your heart of hearts, you know this is true. It is when we can't wait any longer that we call, or email, or text, or do something else to try to get back on his radar. This gives him control. A man should never be in control. On a fundamental level they love doing the chasing. That's why the more we talk, or the closer we try to get to him the more he runs away. Without ever realizing it, we're emasculating him. If you really want to meet the right guy and settle down stop doing his job for him. Go about your day even if you meet a really great guy. Don't jump when he calls, or call him right back. Maybe don't call him at all. Have you ever seen the movie The Ugly Truth? It's ugly, but it's true. Put him on hold, or better yet, let him leave a thousand messages for you. Let him guess about you rather than tell him who you are right away. I hope you learn from my mistakes. Once I stopped doing all that stuff and just didn't let my feelings get in the way anymore I had them pounding down my phone and door. ~ and I'm not half as attractive as you.
Never let one guy be the all of your universe, especially if he won't work to get you. There are too many more of them out there. If it's difficult always see at least two guys until he brings up that he wants a committed relationship. Don't bring that up yourself, and don't cave until he does. If you don't think he will keep him on the back burner and move on. All the best. Mary