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I need to get my boyfriend back and stop being so needy/clingy

Published on September 5, 2012 by adidadi129

My dilema here is that I need to learn how to make him want me again.

I've known my currently ex boyfriend for 4 yrs now and I know he loves me and cares about me

but everytime we are trying to work out our problems, he always seems to bring up the past to me.

I can honestly say I never cheated on him but his ex girlfriend and other people got in between us and 

totally made him think I was messing around with him. I do love him and I have been trying everything to make him see

that my feelings are true but I catch myself becoming very annoying with him at times when he decides not to

text me back or answer me. Currently, we were at the point where we were going to go out and he out of nowhere

tells me his cousins told him I messed around with a guy that was my ex boyfriend way before I met him.

I told him that was none of his business and that he shouldnt be worried about what I did or who I dated before him.

Currently, I have not talked to him for 6 days and he is ignoring me. I just dont know what to do anymore. I want to give up but

I truely love him and I have hope that we can still work this out but I need help. I know they say to give him his space but I just cant.

I hate myself for being so needy and clingy. I dont really go out because my parents dont allow me so its harder for me to meet new

people and hang out. I dont want him to get annoyed by me. I want him to look for me and actually want me like before. Please help.