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I need answers now.

Published on February 23, 2013 by aetcsjir31212

For years my dad has put me down. He calls me stupid, tells me I'm immature, says I'm not good enough, tells me he can't stand me, calls me childish. One time he threw an icepack at me and it hit me right in the head and I started crying. He told me that I was stupid and that I was a cry baby and he couldn't stand me. Today he put me down again and right now I really hate myself, I don't want to exist anymore and I want to kill myself. I also feel that nobody loves me or cares about me. Should I feel this way?


Where I come from, hitting someone in the head with an icepick is aggravated assault (at the very least), and possibly attempted murder. Given what you have said here and in your other post, your father is definitely abusive (and possibly mentally unstable). Get out for your own safety.

As for your wanting to kill yourself, call 911 or a suicide crisis hotline. In the long term, find a support group for abused children and adults or for sufferers of depression - having someone to talk to who understands what you're going through is a huge help. Talking to your minister or clergy will also be very helpful.