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I need advise on how to get over an ex fiance after being betrayed.

Published on March 4, 2010 by diosa1

After 2 yrs, my fiance left me, after telling me that he was in love with a woman who he'd been telling me for 2 yrs was his cousin which was a lie. To make matters worse, at the time of our break up I was 7 months pregnant. The amount of stress & depression i endured caused me to go into labor prematurely serveraly times for about a month and a half and now that my baby is here, I'm overjoyed about her, but I have such a sense of hatred for my ex. I know that healing is a process, but I can't get past the hate and anger I feel towards him. What can i do to move past these awful feelings because I feel like they are controlling my life.


I think one of the things that keeps people stuck in feeling certain emotions is not allowing yourself to feel and process those emotions. You don't want to feel anger and hate, but you need to feel them in order to move on. So let yourself feel them and give yourself time to be mad about what he did to you. Don't beat yourself up about being negative, let yourself get mad. Here are some things you can do.

Write a letter to him that lays out how you feel. And in that letter say good bye to him and good bye to the negativity he left you with.

Then, I think you need to write yourself a letter that outlines the good that's come of the relationship. What did you learn? Also, no matter what, he gave you your beautiful child and no matter how hard it is to raise her, I'm sure you wouldn't give her back.