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i like my best guy friend but he likes my best girl friend,,, the both do..

Published on September 5, 2009 by pinksweet92

a few days ago my guy friend cal me wen i was over my best girl friend house. so me and him talk and she was askin who it was so i told her and 4 some reson i find out that she added him to her myspace. i did not ask y so the next two days she cam over and told me that he and her have been textin and she is goin to c him that same night so i got upset and wanted to no every thing... so i called him wen she left and he was like what u want and ill call u back and she was in the back talkin to him.. so im not feelin so good about this because her boyfriend for 6 years just brok up wit her and now she is after the guy i like for 3 years and its not like i have not told her that i like him and its not like i have not told him that i like him.. i did.. now there both tellin me that there feelin each other and im feelin used... what to do people i cant take this any more..


Sorry sweety but it sounds like its time to get better friends. Thats pretty cold. But if you told the guy you liked him as more then a friend then why aren't you both more then friends by now?

Sounds to me that this guy friend you told that you liked him feels that perhaps you and him should just remain friends and that's it. You let him know that you were interested in him and he should have told you then that he was only interested in being your friend! Now as for your girlfriend, she should have asked you if it was cool with you before dating him, because she knew how you felt. Perhaps you may want to have a talk with her and ask her why she did go out with him knowing your feelings. Here's some good advice for you, move on and find another guy that you like and don't be afraid to do the same thing you did with the other guy, let him know you like him and tell him more then once if needed. I would hate to see her do that with the next guy. There are plenty of guys out there that you will be attracted to so move on. Good luck!