Let this one go. Meet more guys (hold off on getting intimate until you are in a singular, monogamous relationship) Dating can be stressful. Sometimes you'll like one who doesn't like you. Sometimes someone will like you as you won't like them back. Be patient and kind. And above all honest Good luck!

When you begin to take any online relationship off line, please be sure to follow a few basic rules of advice:

1) Meet in a public place such as a coffeehouse, a bookstore or a restaurant. 2) Let other people know where you are before you go. Share details such as who you are meeting, where, what time and how you met this person. Include the person's email and any other information that may be relevant. 3) Remember that even though you have befriended this person online, they are still a stranger in life. Go slow with the amount of information you share.

Keep your options open when it comes to dating online. You can meet wonderful, interesting new friends and hopefully, you will find your plus one!

Kimberly James, MatchMaster Find Your Plus One "Because Everyone Deserves a Plus One"