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I meet someone on facebook he live in the us

Published on November 30, 2012 by angela p

Hi. Im confuse, I met someone on facebook, he's from. yhe US and I'm in the UK, we exchanged contact, he text me or email me everyday. He started telling me that he's missing me, he's crazy about me. This man seems differant, if I call him he's always sounded very excited to hear from me even if He's in the office, when I text him he text me right back,He' even planning to travel to the UK to meet me just for couple days, is it possible that this man is real? and really fallen for me and truly misses me?


You should be very cautious about someone who seems this serious about you after having only met you via Facebook and other electronic communication. From what you've written, I'd say he sounds obsessive.

If you DO meet with him, follow all the usual advice when first meeting someone - meet in a well-lit public place where violence or you screaming for help will get attention, take a friend along rather than meeting him alone, don't tell him where you live until you've had a chance to get to know him.

I did online dating for several years, and my rule was to date men within 50 miles of me for several reasons. One is that I wanted to meet someone who I could get together with a couple of times a week, if it worked out. I didn't need a long distance penpal who I could see once in a blue moon. Another reason is that when you live that close, you can quickly meet for no more than the cost of a cup of coffee. This is important, as 9 out of 10 times, when we had the date, one or both of us didn't feel attracted to one another, or we didn't have chemistry. And yes, we had seen photos of each other, and spoken on the phone, and liked each other until we actually met. I found that some men posted much younger photos of themselves, or didn't look like their photos, or lied about their age. There's a big difference of liking photos versus actually liking the person once you meet.

You don't know if a person has a criminal background, is lying about wanting a long term relationship, and if he actually has a woman in his life, and cheats with online dating. That's why dating someone locally is beneficial. You can get to know a person a lot better, which actually takes a good year of regularly seeing someone in person. During that time, you would see if any skeletons come out of the closet. After 3 or 4 dates, I would assume you'd go to his home, and see that he is single. You could see if he guards his cell phone or not, to see if he's communicating with other women. You can't see these things long distance.

If he visited you, that would cost about 900 to 1000 dollars to go to England, plus lodging, since you'd be stupid if you let him stay with you. What if you meet him and instantly don't like him? How will you feel after he spent all this money to see you? If you did like him, he'd probably expect sex after spending all this money to see you. It's better not to hav sex right away with someone you don't know.

Therefore, I don't recommending corresponding with people long distance. If you're having trouble meeting single men where you live, expand your activities of where you could meet them. Do volunteer work. Take a cooking class. Take dance lessons. Join a co-ed sports team. Good luck.