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I love my best guy friend but he loves my best girl friend! Help?!

Published on July 9, 2013 by casey1315

So 2 years ago I met this guy now this guy is my best friend! Some of his friends told me he liked me! But a year ago I became friends with this new girl. She also knew my best guy friend. Later on this girl and I became best friends. One night she texted me I have to tell you something tomorrow. At that exact moment I knew she was going to tell me that she liked my best friend. And indeed the next day she did. As soon as she told me I wanted to tell her guess what I like him to but I didn't. Later on she tells him that she likes him and they go on a date. Now there dating and have been for six months and I think he loves her and she loves him! He's told me he loves me but I just think that's the best friend talking. I always hang out with them at first it broke my heart hanging with them both and keeping these feelings inside. Now I don't get as hurt I guess I'm used to it (maybe the pain) but I don't think this is fair to me. Should I stop hanging with them both. I don't want to lose their friendship but at the same time them dating is hurting me. They don't even know how I feel. Should I just stop talking to them? Tell him how i feel? Move on? Any advice is greatly appreciated! Oh btws he still says I'm his best girl friend even in front of his girlfriend who is my best "girl" friend.