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I love my best friend but why we can't be together?

Published on November 9, 2010 by xgirl

I really love my best friend. We were best friends for 2 and half years now. We are in twenties. He used to flirt with me all the times. And we talked late at night. When ever I call he won’t let me hang. We talk for hours, we never run out of words... Then he goes to sleep. He wanted me to sing so he can sleep.. He loves my songs... I've been having feelings for him for a while and I couldn't take it. So two weeks ago I asked him to stop flirting and if it continues, problems will arise also he only must say these kind of things with his girl friend (he doesn’t have one yet). Then he said he won't talk to me again :( after apologizing a lot he said "ok no worries because we are good friends". There after he didn't answer to anyone of my calls or texts. Day before yesterday I sent him a text honestly put all the things I felt for him.. How much I care about him... And finally he replied me... He said that there is a problem. And that he knows I am in love with him. But the problem is... that we both are far away from each other and that we can’t be together and he doesn’t like to keep hopes and loose everything later. Because if he needs something somehow he needs it! I guess it’s because we both are in different religions. I never thought he thinks about our religion differences that much. I thought I'm the one who thinks! But... maybe reason is something else... I don't know.. He didn't tell me yet... But I said that I don't take the religion as a big thing and if we can understand each other that’s all we need ... He text me back , told me that we'll talk later... means some other day.. (He is so busy with his work these days) I told my mom everything and she is actually happy that I have finally found someone .. But have I? I don't think I’ll ever need someone else again... I love him soo much. Mom told me to wait and see... So I’m waiting. I don't know what will happen... I just can't figure out why he told me that we can't be together after all this... Haven’t he felt that before?


You're trying to make excuses for him, but he already told you: he doesn't want a long distance relationship. He says that when he wants something, he wants it right then and there. It doesn't get much clearer than that. If you keep waiting for him, you're going to be disappointed. Move on with your life, because he has already moved on with his.

Well i have the same problem but in some how to be honest with you sis try to move on and see some other ppl .. long relatinships are so scary and when you strat a long that relationship you have to be ready for everything and any answer .. i hope things change with you and i hope you get happines

thanx... But, I am ready to face anything... He said he wants to meet me, then again become silence. I don't know whats going on.. :( It's him who is always running out of the problems. Either he is fooling himself or he is just playing games... Cause I know the things we've been through and the way we been together.. :'(